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Shawn McMenamy was born in Northern California in the 70's and first picked up a guitar at the age of 18. In 1993 Shawn moved to Vail, Colorado where he began to gig at local venues, performing as a solo act and playing with other local musicians and artists from around the area. In 2017 Shawn decided on a fresh new outlook on life and to focus on what really makes him happy, and so he traded his snow-capped rocky mountains for a warm tropical breeze and sand between his toes in Kaua'i, Hawai'i. He then met Candice through an ad she had put out on craigslist for a guitarist and the two have been performing and writing together ever since.  Shawn is now one of the lead players, songwriters, and frontmen for Candice & Company. Shawn brings to the group his own unique style which is a mix of playing by ear, by heart, and the influences of musical artists who have shaped his playing such as Les Claypool, John Medeski, and Pink Floyd. Shawn's ability, passion and willingness to create and write music has made him a great asset and bandmate, easily securing him a position as a core member of Candice & Company. Shawn believes in the core values of Candice & Company, which is to share the concept of ALOHA with the world through conscious music, in the hopes that through respecting and loving oneself, others, and the land, any and all unseen wounds can be healed and the world will live in peace.


"Music has the power to heal the world, music can be our hero"

- Shawn 

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